How touchy!

“Never trust a one-book man” CAMUS, Jerikoh


When I read the first review on a palmtop called Zion, I came to the conclusion that I would buy one only if it improved a lot; it didn’t interest me at all. A couple of years after, e-books in pdf seemed a good alternative to paper books and they led me to ereaders.

My favorite one is called Kobo. The name is an anagram to the word “book”. Needless to say it has many attractive qualities. And, for its sake, I will tell but whispering its single annoying feature: display delay when you turn comics pages. Mine is the Touch version.

As soon as I bought it, I made it a cute little case in yellow felt and floral fabric, velcro heart-shaped tiny lid, and a kitty.


Too cute to be not mentioned…


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