This one may come in very handy!

There is something to be said for a little rebellion against the instant gratification of our modern world. LISPECTOR, Jerikoh

Let this quote set the mood of all the intentions flowing through the posts in this blog.

There something so strongly attractive in comedy, craft, society I could not even think about resisting it.

Today, I shall surrender to craft: the cute knit bow.

It’s not a priceless work of Art, but one must admit it’s a quite nice ring.

This work goes better with small needles (I used 2,5 mm), but nothing prevent you using the needle size you like most.

There is no hard instructions to this knitting project. All you have to do is a gauge to CO the needed number of stitches, so it can fit you hand properly (according to your own taste).


Taste is a person’s ability to judge and recognize what is good or suitable, especially relating to such matters as art, style,beauty, and behaviour.

It depends on a personal judgement what it would be the most suitable! and it includes the colour you choose.

Me? I am definitely in love with my turquoise blue yarn and I must confess it’s been a tough battle against myself not to use it in all my works…

we have a winner?we have a winner!

Then, knit RS and purl WS until it reaches the desired length when you fold it.

I suggest kitchener stitch, also known as grafting to join both sides together.

And don’t forget to wrap thread around the middle of it plenty of times and tide it to a ring.



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